Quick and accurate!

Quick and accurate!


"You have very thin veins, it's very hard to find even one for a shot"? (формат цитаты)

How often have you heard that phrase?

Surely someone even experienced repeated futile attempts to inject and get into the right vein for an injection or drip.

And if it comes to the child?

It is really unpleasant, painful, scary...

Now at the ESTET dental clinic-studio by Dr. Alex Soloshenko, any intravenous injection will be the simplest procedure! So, dental treatment under sedation in children and adults will be even more painless and "fearless".


Our new assistant is a visual vein detection device!

A modern vein imaging device displays a map of the vascular network on the surface of the skin in digital mode and in real time, allowing medical personnel to check and detect veins at a depth of up to 10 mm.

It is a portable, non-contact device, which is essential in any modern clinic today, despite its simplicity. Because it is:

  • Makes it easier to find veins in adults and children
  • Minimizes tissue trauma and subsequent healing compared to blind vein search
  • Reduces vein search time
  • Reduces the number of complications during intravenous injections.


Welcome the ESTET dental clinic by Dr. Alex Soloshenko!