Everybody can treat root canals, but...

Everybody can treat root canals, but...


Everyone can treat a root tooth canal...

But not everyone can treat safely and with predictable results!

Poor quality instrumental and medical treatment of the root canal system usually leads to the need for repeated endodontic treatment (treatment of the canals).

Tooth canals are different:

  • length
  • shape
  • curvature
  • in size.

More than 70% of the channels are not rounded, but slit-shaped, oval, flat, drop-shaped and in 8% of cases have the shape of the letter "C" (!).

The mismatch between the dimensionality of the endodontic instrument and the shape of the canal, the overpressure in the course of treatment - to the appearance of a root crack or even its fracture!

All of this can lead to the loss of a tooth!

At ESTET dental clinic-studio by Dr. Alex Soloshenko's root canal treatment is carried out using a modern system of Self-adjusting File (SAF system), which adjusts to the canals of any shape and gently cleans it to 100%.

This is a low-trauma procedure: SAF file does not have sharp cutting edges, it does not cut the channel walls, but grinds soft infected tissues on the type of sandpaper due to the rough surface of 3-5 microns.

When SAF is used, a special disinfectant solution automatically enters the tooth, and from the first minutes of work it passes through the entire length of the canal, reducing the time at which the patient keeps his mouth open!

And the procedure under microscope guarantees perfect and reliable results!


In ESTET dental clinic-studio by Dr. Alex Soloshenko your teeth will remain strong and healthy even after complicated endodontic treatment!