Dental anesthetic carpules

Dental anesthetic carpules

90% of successful treatment depends on quality and safe anesthesia!

In our practice, we use the most modern and proven local anesthesia products.

Carpules anesthesia is a method of anesthesia that uses a special syringe for comfortable and safe anesthesia. In modern dentistry, this method of anesthesia is considered one of the most popular.

Carpule is a special container containing anesthetic agent.


The main advantages of Dental anesthetic carpules:

  •  Allows you to accurately measure the volume of anesthesia administered. Each carpule is designed for 1.7 ml of anesthetic agent, which facilitates the control of the substance and does not exceed it. On each carpule there is a name of anesthetics, a dosage, introduction of other substances is excluded;
  •  Absolute sterility - the solution inside the carpule is introduced in compliance with the rules of sterility, and the needles used are strictly disposable;
  • Flexible needle - unlike classical syringes, carpule needles are well bent, not broken, no fragments in tissues or wounds are excluded;
  • It is much more convenient for a doctor to work with a compact and technically thought-out carpule device, the needle is correctly placed in tissues for successful injection;
  • Ultra-thin needles - thanks to their special shape, the needles are easily inserted into the tissues, and the patient feels them almost completely absent.

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