"Transparent" orthodontics

"Transparent" orthodontics


Aligners are currently the best alternative to bracket systems.

Dental alignment is now faster and more comfortable. Transparent orthodontic mouthguards steadily displace metal structures. Why?

Dental aligners or flexes are transparent attachments that are used to correct the dental system. They are manufactured using modern 3D technology. This makes it possible:

  • to perfectly follow the shape of the teeth
  • bear the brunt
  • track treatment progress
  • visualize a future smile
  • to get only predictable results.

The material used for the production of airligners is very strong, elastic, only 0.75 mm thick. Softness and mobility of the construction allows to influence the jaw line as carefully as possible, smoothly shifting teeth in the right direction.

Advantages of aligners over bracket systems:

  • CONTENTS - a smooth surface that is completely insensible in the mouth;
  • COMFORT - very easy to remove and wear, and no food restrictions;
  • AESTHETICS - even in close contact, they are extremely difficult to see;
  • SECURITY - unlike bracket systems, treatment with eliners is painless - they do not damage enamel, do not promote caries, rub gums.
  • HYPOALLERGENESS - absolute compatibility of the biopolymer material from which the kappas are made with their own tissues;
  • AVAILABILITY - at cost their price slightly differs from bracket-systems. But, you should agree, the process of straightening of teeth is much more pleasant.

At the Dental clinic-studio “Estet” by Dr. Alex Soloshenko we use aligners of FlexiLigner brand.

FlexiLigner applies Italian technology to produce the eliners and is one of the leading brands in the world of "transparent" orthodontics!