Navigation implantation

Navigation implantation


What is the difference between implantation of teeth in the Dental clinic-studio “Estet” by Dr. Alex Soloshenko?

Longevity, safety and aesthetics - 3 whales on which our approach to dental implantation is based.

3D computer planning is a mandatory step in the implantation process. It is a truly revolutionary breakthrough in dentistry, allowing the patient to see his or her future smile before treatment begins. Simulation of a smile considers the anatomical features and aesthetic wishes of the patient.

Thanks to digital technology today, we can "place" future implants in the jaw on a computer, determine the depth of their placement, evaluate the condition of bone tissue and much more.

With the help of 3D planning, we can:

  • see in advance the expected result of the surgery
  • assess how future implants will affect chewing function and smile aesthetics
  • to recognize and mitigate all kinds of risks.

Already based on the planning results, a personal surgical guide template is prepared which makes it possible:

  • Shorten the time for the operation
  • Insert implants in areas with optimal bone density
  • Prevent serious complications (e.g.: blind drilling increases the risk of entering the sinuses of the appendage or the nerve of the lower jaw).
  • Insert an unlimited number of implants per 1 visit
  • Easier and faster rehabilitation of the patient.

For 10 years we have been using Alpha-Bio Tec implant systems in our practice. (Israel). As the only official Alpha-Bio distributor in Kyrgyzstan, we guarantee the highest quality and durability of your smile!


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