Monitored sedation in dentistry

Monitored sedation in dentistry


The method of monitored sedation is a modern anesthesia method used in both adults and children! Unlike deep anesthesia, the patient is simply in a state of medication sleep.

We use the most modern short-range drugs that are rapidly eliminated from the body. Awakening after sedation is quick and easy! The drugs are administered intravenously, and therefore do not cause irritation of the respiratory tract and do not provoke nausea and vomiting.

Achieved effect:

  • eliminating fear and anxiety
  • anesthesia.

To whom this method is recommended:

  • children and adults with fear of treatment
  • children who have a long procedure
  • adults, if complex treatment is necessary (for example, removal with simultaneous implantation).


General recommendations for preparing for the procedure:

  1. Do not eat or drink 6 hours before the procedure.
  2. Adults - also stop smoking during these 6 hours.
  3. Remove dentures and contact lenses.
  4. Do not use decorative cosmetics and nail polish.
  5. Remove earrings, rings, chains, wigs.



Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult a dentist-therapist and anesthesiologist, where you will receive individual recommendations on the preparation.