Why do we need a dental photo protocol?

Why do we need a dental photo protocol?


In our clinic at the doctor's appointment you can see the camera in the hands of the doctor. Do not be surprised!

Dental photo protocol is a worldwide practice in aesthetic dentistry, especially when it comes to a large, global treatment.

What are the advantages of dental photography for the patient?

  • A doctor with an intraoral image can visually show the patient where there are places requiring treatment;
  • The photo protocol improves diagnostics - the doctor can always return to your case and consider it in more detail;
  • It is much easier to discuss specific cases with adjacent specialists with photos, which is extremely important in an integrated approach in dentistry. What is your presence is not required;
  • This is a great opportunity for the patient to compare the “before” and “after”;

So, if the doctor offers you a photo shoot - there is no reason to refuse!

The photo protocol is a guarantee that your smile will be exactly the one you dreamed of!