What problemswe solve

Ugly smile
Aesthetic restoration of teeth Prosthetics
Treatment and retreatment of root canals under a microscope
Professional teeth cleaning
Gum disease treatment
Individual selection of oral care products
change the color of the teeth
Teeth whitening
Opalescence, Zoom
Bite correction with braces

Which fearswe eliminate

fear of pain
in treatment
Sleep dentistry - painless, safe, effective!
old equipment
All treatment is performed only under optical zoom
Microscopes KAPS, Carl Zeiss
Binoculars Exam vision
bad service
Personal patient support from the first call to the result
no sterility
Multi-stage sterilization system and disposable consumable tools guarantee you 100% safety
unclear budget
Creating your financial treatment plan at the first consultation

Comprehensive Approach
To Dentistry

A unique opportunity to get the full range of dental services in one place!

pic Initial consultation
Initial consultation

A full examination and diagnosis, the optimal treatment plan and financial plan, as well as the timing and schedules of visits to specialists - you will receive at the initial consultation!

pic Therapeutic technique
Therapeutic technique

Want to have healthy teeth and gums? It offers dental treatment and restoration under a microscope of any complexity, professional oral hygiene and teeth whitening.

pic Surgical reception
Surgical reception

Dental operations, tooth implantation, bone and gingival plastics - your smile will be perfect!

pic Orthopedics

Thanks to modern techniques and materials, it is possible to restore lost teeth by selecting the ideal shape, size, color and degree of transparency of the teeth!

pic Orthodontics

Beautiful even teeth are real! The most advanced methods of correction of defects of the dentition of any complexity.

pic Periodontics

Healthy gums are the most important component of a beautiful smile and your own comfort.

pic Professional hygiene of oral cavity
Professional hygiene of oral cavity

To maintain healthy teeth, go through the procedure of professional oral hygiene at least 2 times a year!

pic Scheduled inspections
Scheduled inspections

Be sure of the long-term treatment, beauty and health of your teeth in - attend regular scheduled check-ups at the dentist!

pic pic


Chief Medical Officer, Surgeon/Implantologist

Today the "aesthetics" in dentistry comes to the fore. The function, while remaining an important component, is relegated to the second.

We offer you the transformation of your smiles using the most modern technologies and innovative equipment.

Dental clinic studio "Estet" by Dr. Alex Soloshenko - a guarantee of beauty and health of your teeth!

Our staff

Our team is experienced professionals who love their job and constantly strive for professional growth!

160 years aggregated work experience of our staff
Soloshenko Alexander
Chief doctor, surgeon, implantologist, dentofacial orthopedist, orthodontist
Gaidar-Pashunko Anastasia
Dental therapist, orthodontist
Egorov Egor
Dentofacial orthopedist
Valiyaeva Elena
Dental therapist
Pashunko Pavel
Dentofacial orthopedist, surgeon, implantologist
Opening hours
mon-sat: 8: 00-20: 00, sun:9: 00-14: 00
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek city, 51, Baytik-Baatyr Street